In the web app

To start working on a proofreading task, first notify the project manager by accepting the task. Navigate to your Text United inbox, open a message and click on the accept button.

Now navigate to MY TASKS and find the project by ID. From the list of projects click on the Open button.

Open the file by clicking on the Proofread button. When a translator finishes translating all segments in a file, the overall progress of the project will be at 50%. After the proofreader finishes his part of the task, the project progress will increase to 100%.

When you've opened the web app translation editor, you can start your proofreading.

  1. Icons indicate which segments have been proofread.
  2. Segment editor allows you to open the translation, edit and confirm it.
  3. Comments - allow you to collaborate with a translator and leave comments for each segment.

After you've confirmed each segment navigate back to the translation project page and click on Finish the task button. The project manager will be notified that the task was finished.

Work on a proofreading task in the Text United desktop app

If you're using the Text United desktop app, navigate to Workplace > Inbox > Messages. Open the message and click on the accept button.

The Project Manager will receive a notification that you've accepted the proofreading task.

Next, navigate to Inbox > Translation jobs

Find your proofreading task by ID

Expand the project by clicking on the + button on the left

Right-click on the file name and select open (or simply double-click to open the file)

Open each segment, review, edit and save changes by clicking Commit button.

The green "checkmark icons" indicate that the segment is confirmed by a proofreader and the blue icon indicate segments that have not yet been confirmed.

When all segments have been confirmed navigate back to your Translation Jobs overview.


Click Finish button on the left to notify the project manager.

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