Company Dictionary

Your company's default terminology repository is accessible through the online portal and can be managed from the Company Dictionary page.

From here you have the following options:

  1. Search bar - type a word or phrase to search your company's terminology
  2. Define language of the search input
  3. Add a New concept.

A concept is a set of different language translations of an item, with some extra meta data added (like picture, description, domain etc.)


Editing concepts and terms

For each concept you can add multiple translations, add a description and picture. Individual terms can be accepted or prohibited using the corresponding Accept/Prohibit buttons.

Note: Accepted and prohibited terms will show up as terminology proposals to a translator. To check if a translator used a prohibited term you can generate a QA check for each translation project in progress.

You can also delete individual terms from a concept.


Add a new concept

To add a new concept simply click on the ADD CONCEPT button below the search bar. Fill in the details for your concept.

All fields except Text, Domain and Language are optional.


For more advanced terminology management, use the Text United desktop app.

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