Files in Text United are processed in two phases:

  • Extracting translatable text from a file for translation
  • Pseudo translating the file (it checks if the file can be reverted back after translation)

Errors can occur in one of the two phases for various reasons (some problems in formatting for instance).

How to see in what phase of the file processing is an error occurring?

The system shows a green-white icon next to a file name when uploading and automatic processing are over.

If the icon shows a yellow warning symbol, then a file has an error in the first phase of the processing (translatable text cannot be extracted).

Note: The second phase (checking if a file can be rebuilt with the translated segments) happens as a background process and depends on number of files and their size, therefore may not be available right away.

You can check the status of the pseudo translation in the Pseudo translated files folder.

Depending on the file size and word count, the duration of this check may vary. The project manager can save aproject now and exit the window.


If an error occurs in the pseudo translation (second phase) a project manager will be notified via e-mail about a file error. The notification will be also available in your Text United Inbox.

If a translation project contains a file that cannot be pseudo translated, you'll see a warning icon left to the translation project name.

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