To localize your Webflow powered website, you need to install the Text United snippet in the head section of the  HTML code of the website.

Copy the snippet code from the projects details page.
There are 3 versions of the snippet available. Choose which one suits your website's needs the best. 

  1. From your Webflow dashboard, navigate to the project settings. Click on the three dots icon in the bottom right corner of your project.

2. Navigate to the Custom Code section and paste the code snippet in the Head Code section. This will add the code at the end of the <head> tag:

3. Save your changes.

In order for the translated version of your website to appear on-line, you'll have to publish translations in Text United. 

  • Open the project details page
  • Click on the Publish button

After translations are published, visitors can access the translated version of your website using the language selector which will appear on the website.

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