Filter Settings
The filter settings allow variety of options to customize translation of xlsx files.
You will be able to extract:

  • Hidden rows and columns
  • Sheet names
  • Comments

You may exclude individual or multiple columns and cells based on the color. This way it's easy to mark content which you don't want translated.


Let’s have a look at the settings defined in the "Filter settings" dialog:

The column E will not be extracted because of the value entered to the "Columns to exclude" field.
Columns B will not be exctracted because of its background color light blue which is set to be excluded from the translation project.
Also the cells A6 and A7 are skipped because of the background color that is defined as excluded. 

Hidden content from the column D which is not visible in the Excel window, will be extracted because the corresponding option for that is selected.

The following is a preview of content included in a translation project after the filter settings are applied:

HTML Markup

Some HTML markup will be represented as tags in the translation Editor.

This is how the text will look like when processed by the filter.

Tags contain information about formatting and structure of your document.
To make sure that you can obtain your translation in the same format as the original source document, Text United will hide the formatting and structure information within tags. This enables the system to re-built your translated document in its initial format, but with the content translated. This is why it's important to keep tags in the same order as in the source segment.

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