Open a translation project by clicking on its name. This will open the project details page.
The overall project progress is showing in the right-top corner.

This can be monitored in the desktop app as well, by expanding a translation project by clicking on the + button on the left.

Segment statuses

Different segment statuses indicate the state of a segment, whether it's untranslated, translatated or pre-translated. Pay attention to these symbols to keep track of your translation progress.

Translated segments:

  1. Translated and proofread segment
  2. Draft segment - Draft segments are not considered by the system as translated. The translator must confirm/save these segments using the "commit" button.
  3. Translated segment

Pre-translated segments:

4. Locked segment - When a segment is locked, this means that it's already confirmed by a translator or proofreader and saved to the translation memory. These segments are usually hidden in a translation project.
5. Machine translated segment - this indicates that a segment is pre-translated by a machine translation engine. The segment needs to be reviewed/edited and confirmed by a translator.
6. TM match - High matches from the translation memory will be automatically placed in the target field, but should be reviewed/edited by a translator.

Draft segments, TM matches, Machine translated segments, are considered as untranslated by the system and these segments will not be saved to the Translation Memory. Only segments edited and confirmed by a human translator will be saved to the TM.

To filter out all segments that have to be confirmed and are considered untranslated by the system, use the filter option and select Segments for Translation

In the desktop app:
Segments Editor > All segments drop down list > For translation

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