Before creating an invoice, make sure that you had filled in the data in your profile.
If you had not filled it in yet, log in to the Text United App, go to
WORKPLACE > PROFILE > ACCOUNT and click on „Company Data“ from the top menu.


  • The Tax Number of the business must be provided. This is either your VAT number (if you have one) or a tax number assigned to your business by your Tax Office.
  • If you provided an EU VAT number, you must check Reverse charge checkbox. The EU VAT number must be valid.

Use these links to check validly of your EU VAT number:

For EU translators use this link:
For Switzerland based translators, check your VAT number here: 

  • If you want to be paid by paypal, enter your PayPal email in the bank account number.

Creating an invoice

Once you click Create, you will not be able to edit or delete the invoice!
Please preview your invoice first before creating it.

Once you are sure that all the data provided is correct, you can create your invoice. Please follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Invoices (From the Workplace menu on the left)
  3. Open My Invoice Specifications
  4. From the list, select an invoice specification for which you want to enter an invoice, right click and select Create invoice

A dialog box will open, which allows you to enter the Invoice number (must be the same as in your paper invoice in your books) and to choose form of payment

As usual, Standard period is 30 days without a discount
Or Express within 7 days with a 2.5% discount.

Preview the invoice by clicking Preview, to check if your invoice is correct. The Issue date, Text United address, invoice specification, and the amount are all set up automatically.
Make sure the invoice created in the Text United App contains all the same information as the invoice in your bookkeeping.
When you are sure all the data is correct, click Create

Once you click Create, you will not be able to edit or delete the invoice!

Monitoring payments

The new Invoice will be sent to Text United immediately, and will be visible to you in My Invoice Specifications, by clicking the plus/minus sign next to the particular invoice specification.

You can open and preview an invoice by double clicking. 

You can monitor your payment in your workplace in the Text United App to see when an invoice has been accepted and paid.

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