When you receive a new proofreading task in Text United, login on www.textunited.com to the web app and click on Go to My Tasks >> on your dashboard.

Open a project from the list. In the task view you can see basic information about your project such as project ID and name, packages and reference files if present.

When you click ACCEPT, the person who sent you the task will receive a notification that you are ready to start working on the project.



After you've accepted a project, packages will become available for editing. One package will usually represent one source file however, if the file has more than a certain amount of words it may be split into multiple packages by the system. 

To Start proofreading and open a package, click on Proofread button on the right side.

When a translator finishes translating all segments in a package, the overall progress will be 50%. After a proofreader finishes his/her task, the project progress will increase to 100%.

When you've opened the web app translation editor, you can start proofreading the translations.

  1. Status Icon - indicates which segments have been proofread.
  2. Error indicator - shows if a segment has an error such as wrong tag order, missing numbers etc.
  3. Segment editor - allows you to open the translation and edit it. After a segment is confirmed, the status changes from Translated to Translated and verified by a proofreader.
  4. Comments - allows you to collaborate with a translator and in-country reviewer and leave comments for each segment.
  5. QA Report - Generates a QA Report which reports various errors, including terminology misuse and translation inconsistencies.

After you've confirmed each segment, navigate back to the task page and click FINISH THE TASK button. A project manager will be notified that the task was completed.

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