After installing Text United's snippet on your website, the snippet communicates with the Text United servers via API and displays the translated content to your website visitors.

This is the default method and it's the easiest way to keep your website in sync with the translated version(s) automatically. Once you update your project and translate new content in Text United, it will be available on you website immediately.

The second option is more advanced and allows for storing translated content on your server. There is an extra file which is referenced in the snippet and its size depends on the size of your translated content. With this approach the snippet doesn't communicate with Text United servers via API.

How to host your translated web content from Text United?

Select the second code snippet:

IMPORTANT: You have to manually update the snippet code every time you make a change in your project(s).

  1. Download the file by visiting the URL from your code snippet

<script src="" data-translation="21918" data-lang="41"></script>

2. After you have uploaded the javascript file to your server, change the URL in the code snippet accordingly.


<script src="" data-translation="21918" data-lang="41"></script>

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