Text United Website translation allows you to:

  • Scan all content from your website so it is made translatable by providing website's URL
  • Translate a website yourself/with your team or with professional translators. It is possible to use machine translation during translation, regardless who is assigned for translation.
  • Install a script tag containing a Javascript code to add a language selector to your website
  • The language selector is customizable and can be moved by visitors wherever they find it convenient. More styling options are also available by changing the CSS code.
  • Click Create a project button and select Website translation.
  • Enter your website's URL and click START
  • The entered URL will be recognized as the main URL (root).
  • By default only your homepage will be included in the project unless you select all subpages from the Advanced options.
  • More pages and new content can be added anytime after your project is created.
  • Choose the desired language or multiple languages to translate your website into. Click Continue.
  • Choose who will translate Me and my team or send the translation for Text United professional services
  • Machine translation is ON by default and your first page will be machine translated. Once translators start editing these translations, the edited segments will be saved in your translation memory.
  • In the last step, you will see a cost estimate and a word-count analysis of the project.
  • Click on the CREATE PROJECT button

You've now successfully created a website translation project. Please wait a few moments until the project is created and all the segments are processed for translation. This will usually take around 10-40 seconds depending on the size of the page.

After the project is created click Overlay Editor button to start working on the translation project.

Install the code snippet on your website

When the website is translated, navigate back to Translation projects home page and open the project details page by clicking the project's name.

Navigate to the Install code section at the bottom of the page.

Copy the code snippet and paste it in the HEAD or BODY section of your website HTML. This will enable visitors to see the translated version of your website.

Tutorials on how to install the code snippet for various CMS and Ecommerce websites:

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