How to setup continuous translation from your GitHub repositories with Text United

How to setup auto sync of your repositories with Text United.

To setup continuous translation for your GitHub repository, branch or folder navigate to My connected sources
You will need a personal access token from GitHub to be able to connect Text United with your repositories.

Obtain your personal access token from GitHub, by navigating to:
Settings / Developer settings / Personal access tokens > Generate new token

Navigate back to your connected sources and paste the personal access token by editing the connection. In Set continuous translation you can choose when to auto sync your repository.

  •  Choose how often the repository will be synced with Text United

  • By choosing No auto sync the repository will not be synced automatically but you can still manually sync and update your translation projects.

With manual syncing (using the sync button) you have the following options:

  • Get current source files (any changes and new strings will be added to the translation project)

  • Send current translated files back to your repository

  • Do both