Create a new translation team

How to add a new translator to a team in the desktop app

To add a new team of translators navigate to Preferred Translators > Our Teams from the workplace pane on the left.

  • Click New Team in the ribbon

  • In the 'New Team' window you need to fill out all the details in order to save your translation team including the currency, translation and proofreading rates

  • Only already registered users on Text United can be added to your team of preferred translators

  • You may leave the rate at 0.00 if the translators are part of your company

  • After you've entered all the necessary details, click on the 'Save, Invite & Close' button. The system will send invites to translators and they will be able to confirm joining your team.

Your team is now ready. When creating a new translation project, in the Work Allocation tab you can now select individual translators from the created team.