Create and manage your team

How to invite, upgrade and downgrade users in your TextUnited's company account

You can invite new users to your team and assign translation tasks to them. The users will be available from a list when creating a new translation project. They will also share the same translation memory and terminology repositories.

To manage your Team, choose Team from the menu.


On the Team page the following options are available:

  1. ADD A FREELANCER - Add a freelance translator who has an account on TextUnited or invite him / her to create such an account and join your team. Freelancer accounts are standalone accounts and are independent from your company account. You can only assign translation, proofreading or reviewing tasks to freelancers. They will not be able to access any projects which are not allocated to them or access your company data.

  2. ADD A CO-WORKER - This will allow inviting a new co-worker (employee in your company). There are different permissions levels for such users.  See USER TYPES below.

  3. ADD A PARTNER COMPANY - Invite someone as a Partner company (a person working in an external company). The account will have the same access rights to your projects as freelance translators but you will have an option to share translation memory and terminology with them, independently from projects. Additionally, they will have an option to share their transaltion memories and terminology with you.

    Such an account can help organise translations if your partner company is responsible for translation of your content and you want to have access and reuse translation memory and terminology created during the projects.
  4. Make someone else administrator - Select a user from your team who should have administrator's rights. If you make someone an Administrator, they will be able to upgrade, downgrade or block users and change the company's subscription plan. You (as a current Administrator) will not have access to those options anymore.

  5. Upgrade/Downgrade - Change the User type (User, Power User)

  6. Order paid projects - Enable or disable ordering paid translation services from TextUnited by your co-workers.
  7. Block - The option will block a user temporarily and they will not be able to log in to TextUnited. You can unblock a user.

  8. Remove - Depending on the account type, using this option will:
    - delete an account of a user or power user
    - for freelancers, it will remove the freelancer from your team


USERS can use TextUnited to get translations from within the company or order paid translation services. They cannot add or edit terms in the company dictionary. Users have only access to projects that are created by them or that are assigned to them.

POWER USERS are typically persons that handle translations within a company. They can create translation projects, access all ongoing projects and they can access language assets (terminology and translation memories).

ADMINISTRATOR can use all features available in TextUnited. They can also upgrade, downgrade, or block users and change the company's subscription plan.