Find and replace feature

How to use Find & replace and correct mistakes in translations

Find and Replace feature allows you to search for words or phrases in both source and target segments and show their context. When it finds words or phrases in the target segment, you can replace the found translations in one or multiple segments.

In case you want to correct a translation which happens to be part of a repetition, the search will list all the segments which contain the searched word or phrase.

Find and replace will search text throughout the whole translation project, even if it contains multiple files, you will always be able to quickly correct a translation if necessary, using this feature.

Find and Replace is available in the Translation editor menu on the top in the Tools section.

Find and replace enables the following options:

  1. Search through source or target segments

  2. Enter a word or phrase which you want to find or replace

  3. The results will show the search results list. Select one from the list if you want to perform the replacement

  4. The context section will show you one segment above and one segment below of the selected segment in the search results