How to set up DeepL as the default machine-translation engine

How to use DeepL machine translation in TextUnited

Machine translation in TextUnited 

If you want to use DeepL as the default engine, you must purchase the Advanced or Ultimate subscription to use the DeepL API key. You can buy a DeepL subscription here.

How to change MT engine in TextUnited to DeepL? 


From the main menu, click ACCOUNT.

On the account page, check the Use DeepL option to enable it. 

Paste your DeepL API-CAT key and select a user from the list. This user will be using DeepL as the default MT engine. 

Click on SAVE.

Important: The API-CAT Key is a single license only. Only one selected user from your team can use it. If you purchased API-CAT Keys for more users, please get in touch with us at