How to change XML filter settings

XML filter customization - Export tags settings, using custom templates

When creating a new translation project through the desktop app, after a file processing is done, you can click Change to customize the XML extraction setting.

From the filter setting dialog clik on the XML tags extraction setting.

Tags and Attributes for translation allows you to exclude content that will be otherwise processed in for translation.

  1. Tags for translation - Uncheck to exclude from translation

  2. Conditional Tag Inclusion - Uncheck to exclude from translation

  3. Extraction example - in this section you will see a preview of the tags and the content that will be translated

  4. Attributes for translation -  Uncheck to exclude from translation

After you've changed the settings, click OK. The system will process again the file, applying the changes you've made.

Export / Import filter settings

  1. Select the xml file you want to apply the settings to

  2. Click change (on the right sidebar)

  3. Select XML tags extraction settings

After you've adjusted extraction of tags and attributes simply click on the Export settings button in the left corner.

If you already have a .tuf file (text united filter settings) click on the Import settings button.

Click Ok to apply the imported settings.