How to create a GitHub translation project

How to connect to GitHub and create a translation project

To create a new translation project from your GitHub repositories, select Create a project (plus button in the right corner) and choose GitHub integration.

You will be redirected to the login page of Github system. By entering your Github credentials you are establishing a connection with Text United and you will be able to choose individual files, folders or whole repositories.

Note:  In case you choose a whole repository, make sure files in that repository are "translatable" so they can be processed by Text United. In case a repository contains files that cannot be processed, creation of the translation project will fail. See a list of supported file formats here.

  1. Choose your files and folders

2. Choose the source language of your files and select the language(s) you want your files translated into
3. Choose who translates:

  • Text United - send your project to Text United; our project managers will handle the process of translation and assign professional translators to the task.

  • Me & My team - translate yourself or assign someone from your team.

4. Review your settings and create the project.