How to delete projects

What rules apply for translation projects in Text United in order to delete them

To delete a translation project, open the project's details page (by clicking the project's name in the list of translation projects) and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Depending on the type and state of your project, you will be able to delete or archive it. Some projects you may not be able to delete at all.

Project types that cannot be deleted or archived at the moment:

  • GitHub translation projects 

  • BitBucket translation projects

However, the connection for GitHub and BitBucket project can be deleted from the
My connected sources page.

Projects that cannot be deleted:

  • Archived pojects

  • Projects that are  On-hold

  • Outsourced to Text United, if a project is In-progress

  • Outsourced to Text United, if a project is Completed

Projects, which will be archived but not deleted:

  • Internal projects in which the Project Creator is not the only team member of the project.