How to finish a translation task

A guide on how to properly finish a translation task (for translators)

Projects assigned to you by a project manager

When you finish translating your project, exit the translation editor by clicking the back button, left to the file name.

From the project page, clicking FINISH THE TASK will notify a project manager (a person who created the translation project) that you’ve finished the translation.

  • After you click the button, please confirm with YES. Make sure that your translation task is completed at 100%, 

  • In case a proofreader is assigned to the project, the total progress can be lower than 100%.

In My Tasks you can see the progress of translation tasks that were assigned to you. Projects that have been finished by you will have a check mark displayed in the list.

Projects that you translate yourself

To finish a project that you created and you are translating yourself, simply click GET TRANSLATED FILE

This option can be found in the project page in MY TASKS too.