How to integrate, translate & publish multilingual Jimdo website

How to localize your Jimdo website and how to publish your translations

To translate your Jimdo website with Text United, login here or sign up or for a new account.

Scan your website and create a project

First - create a new website project.
If you are a new user, select Website Translation in the onboarding tutorial:

You can also create a new project by clicking Create project button in the dashboard and select Website:

In the next steps you will be guided to scan your website and choose a language(s) you want to translate it into.

  1. Under Advanced option you can include all sub-pages and execute javascripts on the pages to collect the dynamic content.

  2. Click SCAN to start scanning your website.

In the next step choose the language(s) you want your website to translate into and select whether you want the content of your website to be pre-translated with machine translation.

When you are done with language selections, click Continue.

In the next step you can choose who will translate (or correct the pre-translated content):

Me and my team - you will create a project which is going to be translated by you and/or by someone from your team.

Professional full service - you will create a project which will be translated by professional translators selected and allocated by a Text United project manager. This is a paid service, for which you can request a quote in advance.

As the last step, click CREATE A PROJECT

Translate your website using the Overlay Editor

Now it's time to integrate Text United with your website:

  1. Add the java snippet to your home page HTML code (see the section below)

  2. Launch the Text United Overlay Editor directly on your
    website by:

  • opening your website and adding an extension at the end of the URL:



  • simply use CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut while on the website.

You will need to login with your Text United credentials to access the overlay editor.

Check out the help article on how to use the Overlay Editor here.

How to Install the java snippet

To localize your Jimdo website, you need to install the Text United java snippet in the head section of the HTML code of the website.

Click the project name to open the project details page. Copy the snippet code from the projects details page > Install code tab

Note: There are 2 versions of the snippet available. Select the first version of the snippet.

  1. From the site editor, navigate to Menu > Settings > Edit Head

2. Paste the code snippet in the "Website" section. This will add the code at the end of the <head> tag for each page.

3. Save your changes.

How to publish the translated website

In order for the translated version of your website to appear on-line, you'll have to publish translations in Text United (and the java snippet must be installed as described above).

  • Open the project details page in Text United

  • Click on the Publish button

Once translations are published, visitors can access the translated version of your website using the language selector which will appear on the website.
The default style of the language selector can be changed by using CSS.