How to perform the in-country review task

Step-by-step tutorial for in-country reviewers

An in-country reviewer is usually a person who is not only a native speaker of the target language but is also a specialist in a given field. An in-country reviewer can increase the quality of translations, so always consider adding one if possible.

Why is it a good practice?

An in-country review is the client’s chance to include someone in their organization who will be using the translated documents in the course of their work.
Most companies have preferences for terminology or style, depending on the industry, products, or services. By involving a stakeholder in the process, these considerations are better addressed in the final translations.

Who should perform the in-country review?

The ideal candidate is a company's employee or a distributor located in a country for which the translated content is intended. Most importantly, he/she should be a native speaker of the target language and familiar with a product or service covered in translation.

How an in-country review task is done?

Assuming a project manager added you as an in-country reviewer to a project, your workflow is as follows:

After logging in to go to MY TASKS at the top. Find your project on the list and click Open.

Next, select the glossary package (to review the project's terminology) or a translation package (to review actual translations).

Important: TextUnited quality assurance tool is using the glossary to verify if the correct terminology is being used by translators, so always start with checking if the glossary is meeting your expectations.

Also, once the project is completed, the glossary is merged with the main terminology repository and used in future projects. 

As an in-country reviewer, you have five options available in a project:

  1. To accept translation

  2. To reject translation

    👉 Please leave a comment each time you reject a segment, so translators understand your reasons better.

  3. To leave a comment or an answer to translators

  4. To add a reference image to a segment (a translator/proofreader will be able to preview the image when translating)

  5. To edit segments - click on the translated content and start editing it. This feature is meant only for ad-hoc editing of individual segments. If you would like to edit larger parts of the translated material, a project manager should allocate you as a proofreader, not as an in-country reviewer. In this case, please contact a project manager or a project owner to change your function.

    👉Editing segments which contain tags is not possible by in-country reviewers.