How to translate a video

How to translate subtitles in a video project in the Text United web app

Click Create a project (+) button and select Video translation.

Add a subtitles file and optionally a video file. The video file will serve as a reference while translating the subtitles. You (or your translators) will be able to preview the translated subtitles in real time in the video while working on your project.

The timing for each subtitle is shown below the translation and is marked in red. The timing is not editable.

Supported subtitle formats are: .srt, .sub, .sbv
Supported video formats are: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .flv

Important: Subtitle files must be encoded in UTF-8


  • Only one subtitle file and one video file is allowed in one project

  • The size limit for videos is 20MB

  • Timing of the subtitles is not editable