How to translate pages that require login

How to translate web apps and pages that require access permission

Install the code snippet

To translate pages that require login, you have to install the code snippet in your website's HTML. The snippet can be found on the project details page > Install code tab

Once you installed the code snippet on your website, you may access the Overlay Editor directly from your website by adding /#text-united-translation to your website url. For example:

use a keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T while on the website.

Of course, you (or your translators) will be prompted to login with Text United credentials to access the overlay editor.


Add new pages to the project

Once you've launched the Overlay Editor, click on Browse source tool and navigate to a page which you want to add to the project.

You will need to switch to the "Target language" once the page is loaded.

Click on the green Add page button in the bottom right corner. After the page has been added you will be prompted to sync the new content to be processed and segmented for translation.

You may skip this step if you want to add more pages, and click the Sync button in the top ribbon afterwards.