How to translate PDF documents

How to translate PDF files in Text United

To translate your files click on "Start a new project" and select the "Upload files".


When you upload PDF file(s) to TextUnited they will be automatically converted to Microsoft Word file (.docx).

1. Click  "Add files" and select  file(s) you want to translate.

You will need to choose what PDF file type you uploaded.

  • "True" or Digitally created PDFs are files created using e.g. Microsoft Office or Adobe Indesign, and they consist of text and images.
  • "Image-only" or Scanned PDFs are scanned hard-copy documents, or images converted to a PDF file.

2. Select the source language of your files and select the languages you want to translate into. You can select multiple target languages.

3. Choose who will translate:

  • Machine - Machine translate files instantly, without creating a project

  • Machine and human review - Files are pre-translated by machine translation and sent to TextUnited for human review. This is a paid service.

  • Me & my team - The project will be created and you can translate yourself or allocate to someone from your team.

  • Professional full service - Files are sent to TextUnited and our project managers will assign professional translators for your material. 

If you've selected the Me & my team option, you will have additional options:

  • Choose if you want to pre-translate your project with machine-translation.

  • Choose who will translate.

  • Choose who will proofread (you can select no proofreader if you don't need proofreading).

5. Click on create project

In the last step the system will show how many pages are remaining in your account. Once you click on "Create a project", the PDF file will be converted, and a new translation project will be created. 


To translate PDF files in TextUnited you need to have a sufficient allowance on your account. The number of available pages will vary depending on your subscription plan. You can check how many pages you have available, by checking the Subscription page.
If needed, you can buy more PDF pages in the Marketplace.