How to translate your first project in Text United

A short guide for beginners on how to use Text United and set up your first translation project

There are two main possibilities for starting up with your first translation:

  • Translation projects which are sent to Text United - these projects are handled by our Project Managers, they will assign professional translators and proofreaders for your files, while you will be able to monitor the progress from your dashboard at any time. 

  • Translation projects that will be managed by you and translated internally within your company by you or your team. This option can be extended by working directly with freelance translators, but we don't recommend this path for your first project.

As a free user (after the trial period expires) you can only order paid translation from Text United and use Machine translation but not to create and work on your own projects or send them to freelancers directly - you have to have an active monthly subscription.

To start your first translation project, login to Text United. Now whether you want to order a paid translation project or translate by yourself please see the following step by step guides:

Translation Editor

To learn how to use the online translation editor check the following help articles:

- How to work on a translation task

- How to work on a proofreading task