How to update a translation project with new files

How to add new or update existing source files in a translation project

You can add new files to an ongoing translation project or update existing files. To update the source files in your project, open the project details page by clicking on the project name.

Select the Source files tab.
From here you can use one of the two options:

  1. Add new files

  2. Update existing file (a file will replace an old file and the new content will be added to a project)

Note: Do not add new files with the same name and extension as existing files in the project, as this will replace the current file on which you and your team members are working on.

Your project will be analyzed again and the new files will be processed. Depending on the size of the new files, this might take a few moments until a project is ready for translation. After updating the project with new files, your team members will receive a notification that the project has been updated.