How to upload files from Dropbox

How to translate your Dropbox files in Text United

You can connect to your Dropbox account and select files you want to translate. 

  • Click on the Create a project button and select the method you want to connect your files to Text United.

  • Select Upload files from Dropbox

  • When you click the CHOOSE FROM DROPBOX you will be prompted to login to your Dropbox account and select a file(s) you want to translate.

Step 2 - Choose languages

  • Select the source language of your file(s)

  • Select to which language you want to translate your files to
    (note: you can select multiple languages)

  • The option "Use all variants of the target language(s)" is on by default. By unchecking this box, only translation memories for a specific language variant will be used.

Step 3 - Choose who translates

  • Machine - Machine translate files instantly, without creating a project

  • Machine and human review - Files are pre-translated by machine translation and sent to Text United for professional human review. This is a paid service.

  • Me & my team - Translate yourself or allocate to someone from your team.

  • Professional full service - Files are sent to Text United and our project managers will assign professional translators for your material. 

If you've selected the Me & my team option, you will have additional options:

  • Choose if you want to pre-translate your project with machine-translation.

  • Choose who will translate.

  • Choose who will proofread (you can select no proofreader if you don't need  proofreading).

Step 4 - Create a project / Order translation

  • Add reference files for translators (to better understand the context of the translation) by clicking on the attach button in the notes field

  • You can adjust additional settings (work allocation, change filters, add instructions) to the project by clicking ADVANCED SETTINGS button

No cost will be calculated if you choose to translate yourself or assign someone from your team (see How to create a project and translate by yourself or your team).

Paid translation projects

  • The system will detect repetitive text and matches from your translation memory and calculate the translation cost taking them into account (reducing cost automatically).

You can enter a deadline for the translation project, see the cost details and add notes to a project manager.

  • Additionally, you can request a formal offer by clicking Send me a purchase order checkbox. The translation project will not be started until you approve the offer.