How to use the TM alignment tool

How to import your old translations and translated files to Text United

With the Text United TM alignment tool, you are able to import already translated files directly into your translation memory. These translated strings will be reused in future projects.

To start importing translated files to your translation memory you will need to prepare your resources:

  • One file in the source language

  • One file in the target language

  • The files both have to have similar formatting (if not identical)

  • Use only file formats that are supported by Text United

Once you have prepared the files navigate to the TM Alignment page:

  1. Select the source language and upload the source file

  2. Select the target language and upload the target file

  3. Import Into TM - Once the alignment is done, click on this button to import the segments to your existing translation memory, or create a new empty TM and import it there.

  4. Clear - removes the imported files

  5. Reset alignment - resets all the changes you have made

  6. Drag&Drop area - click and hold to move the segment up or down the list and align with the corresponding translated segment.

  7. Delete - this button will delete a segment, use this option only if you cant find a corresponding segment

  8. Merge - The merge button will combine two segments. (in this example 2 and 3)

How to align segments?

You will not be able to save the alignment until there is an equal number of source and target segments. Make sure to carefully read, adjust positions and merge/delete segments if necessary to achieve the best results.