How website translation works

Detailed explanation for website translation, project management and publishing a translations

This is a quick guide on how website translation works in Text United. The article will guide you through the various settings and customization options for your website translation project.

Creating a new project

By default, creating a new website translation project will involve scanning just one page, processing it and adding it to a new project. This way, your translation project will be ready in 1-2 minutes and you can start working on it.

Under advanced option in the project creation wizard, you can choose to include all sub-pages to the project. When this option is enabled, your project will be created and the pages are processed and added to the project in batches (5 at a time). This happens in the background, after your project is created. Be patient until the first batch of pages is processed by the system and you'll be able to start working on the project.

The option 'Extend the scan by executing Javascript on all pages' may discover more content on your website, but the scan process will take much longer. 

Project details page and Project settings

After you've created your website project, the scanning process will continue in the background. You can see in the project details how many pages are detected by the crawler so far. 

You may now start to translate your page(s) until the scanning is finished. You may notice that the SETTINGS button is missing.
It will become available after the scanning process is finished.

Pages that have been added so far will be machine-translated. You can turn off the automatic machine translation by unchecking the 'Machine-translate content automatically' checkbox. 

Project Settings

The project settings is the place where you'll be able to add new pages to your translation project. Simply select the pages you wish to add from the list.

If not all of your pages are scanned or a significant amount of pages is missing, select the option Extend the scan by executing Javascript on all pages and click the RESCAN button.

Using this option will allow the crawler to potentially detect more content as well as some additional pages which otherwise would not be recognized.
However, the scanning can take a lot longer than usual.

Click UPDATE THE PROJECT button. The newly selected pages will be added to the project. The previously selected pages will be synchronized with the project, if a change in their content is detected. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient.

Start translating

To start working on your translation click Overlay Editor button in the project list, or in the upper right corner in the project details page.

If you have installed the code snippet on your website, you may access the Overlay Editor directly from your website by adding /#text-united-translation to your website url. For example:

Or simply use the CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut while on the website. You will need to login with your Text United credentials to access the overlay editor.