Machine translation in Text United

How to machine translate and post edit machine translated files

Machine translation and Human Review

Machine translation is available in the online translation editor for any kind of project, whether you'll upload files, connect your website or a GitHub/BitBucket repository.

Outsource to Text United. Our team will allocate the project to professional translators who will correct the machine translated material. This is a paid service

Machine translation and post editing

When creating a new translation project which will be translated by you or your team, you can choose to pre-translate using machine translation the content in the project creation wizard.

You can use Machine translation even if you didn't select the pre-translate option in the project creation wizard. There are two options available for Machine translation in the translation editor:

  • Machine translate empty segments

With this option, each segment you click on will be automatically translated. You can edit and confirm the translation afterwards.

  • Google translate button

Use the google translate button to translate a currently open segment (on-demand).

Translate whole files instantly

This method will allow you to translate whole files using machine translation instantly. The translation will not be saved in your translation memory.
To translate whole files at once, start a new translation project.

  • Select the file(s) you want to translate

  • Select the source language of your files

  • Select the target language (what language you want your files to be translated into) 

  • Select Machine translation and click Translate

  • Wait for the files to be processed and translated, this may take a while depending on the file size.

After the files are translated click on the Download translation button.