Microsoft Publisher files

How to translate Microsoft Publisher .pub files

Text United is using a generated XML file for retrieving segments. The conversion from PUB to XML is done locally, so in order to use the filter for Publisher files the user has to have Microsoft Publisher locally installed on his hard drive.

Note: you may only upload .pub files in the Text United desktop app


Formatting guide:

  • Line breaks are not supported in tables. They will be disrupted in the generated target file

  • Always place text containing line breaks in text boxes

  • Using tabs as spacing is not supported

Filter limitations:

  • Microsoft Publisher has to be locally installed

  • The filter can only be used in the desktop app

  • Use only one formatting (bold, italic, etc.) per paragraph, as multiple formatting in the same paragraph may not be consistent in the target file.

  • Placeholders mustn't be changed or deleted, these are related to the formatting of the document (e.g. line breaks)

  • Placeholders must be kept in place in the translated segments (use copy source to target option)