Overlay Editor for websites

How to translate your website using the Overlay Editor

After you've created a website translation project, you can access the overlay editor directly on your website:

Open your website and add this extension at the end of the URL:
simply use the CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut while on your website. You will need to login with your Text United credentials to access the overlay editor.

The Overlay editor is a tool for light editing and previewing your website. Please use the full editor (3.) to enter translations and edit segments.

  1. Language switch - Your website can be translated into multiple languages. You are be able to switch between them using this menu.

  2. List of pages - Navigate through your website by using this menu.

  3. Toolbar - The toolbar includes the following options:

  • Overlay editor - Use this to switch back to the Overlay editor

  • Full editor - Use the full editor to see and translate segments that are not visible in the overlay view, such as meta tags, descriptions, some menu items or dialog windows.

  • Browse the source website - Navigate through the source version of your website and add new pages for translation.

  • Synchronize content - After you add new pages, or new content on the website is discovered, the Sync button will appear. Click on it to add the new content for translation to the project.

  • Open project details - It is a shortcut to the settings of your project.

  • Exit the editor

5. Source text - source text of the currently active segment will be shown here
7. Segment style editor - Adjust the font size, line height and character style

Full Editor

Switch to the full editor to translate segments that are not visible in the overlay view, such as meta tags, descriptions, some menu items or dialog windows.

In the full editor you can keep track of segment status, comments and overall translation progress.

  • Segment editor - enter the translation here

  • Translation memory proposals - Click to insert a translation memory proposal

  • Glossary - Click to insert a glossary proposal

  • Segment status - Track the progress of your translation task. The check-mark icon will indicate that the segment has been translated

Publishing your translation

  1. Copy the snippet (java code) from the project details page and install it in the HTML code of the homepage of your website.

  2. Click PUBLISH button, which is located on the top of the project details page.

When the translations are published, visitors can access the translated version of your website. A language selector will be automatically placed in the top right corner of your website. Visitors of your website can move it around freely.

The language selector can be easily customized according to your preferences. Click here to learn how to customize a language selector.

Tutorials on how to install the code snippet for various CMS and Ecommerce websites can be found here: