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How to work on a proofreading task

How to accept and work on a proofreading task in Text United

Navigate to My Tasks from your dashboard.

The My Tasks page contains a list of all the tasks that are assigned to you. Click on the Open button to open a your proofreading task.

In the task overview, click on Accept

In the task overview (screenshot above) you can:

  • Preview reference files

  • View project instructions

  • Download files that the co-worker attached in instructions

  • Edit Glossary

In Glossary you can translate important terminology for your project (some terms may be automatically translated from a terminology repository, which stores glossaries from earlier projects).

  • Click on the Proofread button to start working on a particular package.

Open the file (package) by clicking on the Proofread button. 

When you've opened the translation editor, you can start proofreading.

  1. Filter - you can filter out segments by status using this option

  2. Status icons on the left indicate which segments have been proofread (see screenshot below)

  3. Segment editor allows you to open the translation, edit and confirm it. Click here to learn more about the translation editor options

  4. Comments - allow you to collaborate with a translator and leave comments for each segment.

  5. QA Report - Generate a quality assurance report before finishing your task, the report will contain a list of segments with potential errors (use of terminology, translation consistency and warnings)

After you've confirmed each segment navigate back to the translation project page and click on COMPLETE THE TASK button. The project manager will be notified that the task was finished.