Reference files and images/screenshots

How to add reference files to translation projects and reference images/screenshots to individual segments

When creating a file based translation project you can add reference files in the fourth and last step of the translation project creation wizard.

It's possible to add reference files even after you've created a translation project, or when a translation project is already in progress.

  • Find your project in the translation projects list and open it

  • In the project details view, navigate to the reference files section

  • Click Upload files to add new reference files for the translation project

How to access reference files

  • Reference files are available for a translator(s) when they open a translation task.

Add reference images to individual segments

To add reference images to individual segments, find your project by the Project ID or project name and click on the see translation button on the right.

  • From the project details choose the file/package and click on the See translations button

  • Choose the upload reference image/screenshot

  • Select the file from your computer

How to access reference images

  • Translators can both view and upload reference images in the translation editor

  • To view a reference image click on the image icon on the left

  • To upload a reference image click on the image icon below the currently open segment editor.