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Register as a Translator on Text United

How to join our growing pool of Text United professional translators

Text United enables companies to undertake translations internally, but also to look for freelance translators in our database and send them translations directly. If you have 3+ years of experience in translation you can sign up as a freelance translator.

To register as a freelance translator from our homepage click on the banner on top that says: Freelance translator? Join!

You can register as a translator by following this link.

Enter your details and by clicking on Sign Up you accept Text United Terms of Use.

You'll be logged in now as a freelance translator. Click on the COMPLETE THE PROFILE button.

Complete your profile with your translation skills and experience details and we'll show it to the world in a beautiful way. If clients choose you and send a translation job your way, you will get our professional translation tools for free to do the job.

About me

On this page enter your personal data, a short description about yourself, address and your productivity rate (how many words per day do you translate/proofread)
Upload your profile picture (jpg or png format, up to 150kb)

The circle area is displaying how your image will look like when you crop it. Be sure to adjust the crop, center your image in the circle area, you can zoom in or out using the adjustment bar below the picture preview. This is how your profile picture should look like:

Note: Your phone number, address and productivity data will not be visible to anyone outside of Text United.


Here you need to enter the languages combinations you are translating, your rate/word and proofreading rate. You can add multiple language combinations.


After you've entered the necessary details, click save changes and then click the NEXT button.


Click ADD NEW ITEM and enter your field of expertise, you can add multiple fields of expertise here. Click on save changes after each entry.


From here you can add your experience details. Click on ADD NEW ITEM and enter your work experience details where you have worked previously, which time period etc. Click save changes and proceed to the next step.


This section will include your education, memberships, training, certifications... Click on ADD NEW ITEM and fill in the details.

Your profile is ready to be published you can go back to previous steps and correct details if needed.. Please preview your profile before publishing it on the link displayed. When your profile is ready, click on the PUBLISH button.