Sharing files

How to share files with translators and proofreaders in the desktop app

Use the Create a shared folder option to create new shared folder.

All files from the Source, Pseudo and Translated files folders can be copied to shared folders, and a project manager can choose whom to give access to the folder.

The folder Reference files, is shared with all translators and proofreaders by default. Everyone who is assigned a translation or proofreading task will have access to uploaded reference files whether they use the app or online portal.

Note: Files from shared folders cannot be accessed from the portal

Accessing a reference file in the Portal

To access reference files in the portal, the translator has to open a translation project and click on show reference files. Files from shared folders cannot be accessed from the portal. 

Supported file formats for the file preview are:
Microsoft Word (docx), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), Image files (.jpg, .png), PDF files

IDML files are not supported as reference files, but a translator can preview them from the online translation editor.

Accessing reference files through the desktop app

If a translator or proofreader is using the desktop app, he will have access to the shared folders and instructions form a project manager:

A translator can download the files to his computer and upload their own files to the folders.