How to share your default terminology repository with Text United

How to grant access to Text United to your terminology repository

In order to use the same terminology repository for your in-house translation projects and those which are sent to Text United, you will have to share your default terminology repository with Text United.

When the terminology repository is shared with Text United, the terminology from a translation project (both in-house and managed by Text United) will be available on both sides for future projects.

From the Workplace pane on the left select Terminology Repositories. The default repository will be labeled and shown in bold text.

  • Select the default repository and click Access from the ribbon (or right click on the repository and select Access from the Properties)

  • Click on the Add button and enter the mail of someone from the Text United team

The default sharing period will be one year. Be sure to extend this period if you want the default repository shared for a longer period of time by clicking on the date and change the year from the calendar.

  • Click on the save button.

  • Your default terminology repository will now be shared with Text United

  • All the glossaries from projects that you send from now on to Text United will be merged with your default terminology repository.