Spellchecker in the Web App

How to enable a spellchecker in the online translation editor

1. Add languages for spellchecking

The online translation editor uses your browser's spellchecker . To enable spellchecking of the target segments, add the target language to the browser your are using, otherwise, spelling errors will not be shown in the translation editor.

In Chrome this is done by navigating to:
Settings > Advanced > Languages > Add new language

Spellchecking options are available in the section below.
Settings > Advanced > Languages > Spell check

2. Toggle spellcheck

Spellcheck is disabled by default for segments that contain tags. You will not be able to use your browser's context menu until you click Toggle spell check icon:

After you insert all tags, you may toggle the spell checking option which will allow you to use the browser's context menu and use its spell checking functionality.