How to integrate, translate & publish multilingual Cratejoy store

How to localize your Cratejoy store

To localize your Createjoy ecommerce website, you need to install the Text United snippet in the head section of the  HTML code of the website.

Copy the snippet code from the projects details page.

  1. From your Cratejoy dashboard navigate to the Design settings page. 

2. Open the file base.html to edit it. It's located in the html folder.

3. Paste the code snippet above the </head> tag of your HTML.

Note: Cratejoy doesn't recomment putting Javascript in the Header of your website. But for optimal SEO results and for your translated content to be discovered by search engines, the code snippet has to be placed in the <head> section of the code.
You may also place the code snippet in the <body> section of your HTML, but your translated content may not get discovered by Search engine bots.

3. Save your changes.

In order for the translated version of your website to appear on-line,  you'll have to publish translations in Text United. Open the overlay editor using the PREVIEW button in the upper right corner.

Click Publish icon from the menu and click Publish translations button in the dialog window.

After translations are published, visitors can access the translated version of your website using a language selector.