Translation services on free ENTRY account

What is included in the free plan

Free account with ENTRY subscription plan allows ordering of paid human translations from Text United but offers limited options for translation with your own translators or using machine translation. However, all translations, glossaries & files are stored in your private space and  are re-used in your projects. This means that you are benefiting from the system even when using the free account, and any future projects with similar content will be translated faster and at a lower cost.

There are two levels of paid translation services:

Professional full service
The content is translated by professional, expert translators. This service is recommended for content which is highly specialized (technical, legal, medical, or top-level marketing). Usually, the process includes proofreading, which is performed by an independent translator (a person who was not actually translating the material). This is the highest quality of translation, which you normally get from full-service, high-quality translation agencies.

Machine & Human review
The content will be pre-translated by Google Translate and reviewed and corrected by a translator whose native language matches the target language of your project. This service comes at a lower price and is intended for less critical content, but allows a faster translation turnaround.

Find more about paid subscription plans here.