Zendesk tickets translation

How to integrate and use TextUnited with Zendesk

1. Install TextUnited's Zendesk translation plugin from the Zendesk marketplace

2. Login to your TextUnited account and navigate to API Integration page


4. Copy the Zendesk token and paste it in the plugin's settings

5. Click Install

The app can be found on the right side of your ticket UI. Click Apps button to show it. The plugin is now connected to your TextUnited account and you can machine translate tickets or order human translation.

How it works?

You can translate a ticket using machine or human translation.

Click on the context menu ... and select the type of translation you need. Next, select the target language. The source language should be recognized automatically. Now click Machine translate.

When a ticket is translated, you can use it immediately or send it for an additional human review.  By clicking Human review the content is sent to TextUnited. This is a paid service - please contact TextUnited sales for details.



You can translate a reply for a ticket.

Click Add a note & translate

Here you add a text prepared as a reply and translate it. It's also possible to send it for a human review after machine translating it.